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I own www.750ispossible.com

I want a chat tool I can train to get people signed up because I have a huge abandon rate. I know nothing about coding but am desperate for a tool.

Hi Jaikant,
Thanks for joining, whatever you decide to do, as long it is helpful for the community, I am all for it :slight_smile:

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Do you know the reasons people are leaving your landing page?

It is probably way too soon to ask for help, as I am still sorting out my four (extremely unorthodox) main game design documents, but here goes:


OpenAI’s services are both incredibly useful and incredibly flawed. Hence Chasm Conquerors’ Challenge multiplayer video game will kickstart the maximum number of maximally lucrative AI startups, for the maximum number of AI startup founders and co-founders, in the minimum possible time. Thus treat OpenAI services’ myriad problems (its compliance mitigation inclusive) as myriad rifts and chasms needing to be bridged.

Ergo the idea is to eventually have millions of human players and AI players, all playing together within the storyquest mindscape of a binary navigated, storybook style, absolutely awesome, TONS of FUN, exhilaratingly enchantingly epic, chasm and rift crammed, multiplayer video game. Such both the little players and big players in the AI industry maximally flourish within which incredibly mutually beneficial context.

Chasm Conquerors’ Challenge will be very heavily human player, AI player, grand adventure and mighty quest driven and will consequently be designed and built almost exclusively by its players. Chasm Conquerors’ Challenge’s screenshots will be comprised of both a left and right page, hence its binary navigation will involve players ‘turning’ either a left or right page. Chasm Conquerors’ Challenge will have an illustration and zero to seven syllables per page and hence eight game modes, with its boss battle pages to animate.

None of the above will apply to projects created using Chasm Conquerors’ Challenge unless their creator wants it to.

I think because it’s too busy or there just isn’t enough information to guide them to the sign up not really sure

Hi Philip,
Thanks for sharing, it might be a good idea to start engage with your visitors first using a live chat and talk with your users to get to know them better first. Once you have a good idea on what they are looking for then you can focus on those area and find the right tool for the job.

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I totally agree I don’t want to just have ai do my job for me but down times once it’s trained you know something like overnight the only thing I don’t know is would it send an alert to my phone if I was out and about that way I can connect and chat with them real time? Because if I can communicate with potential client then my chances of securing their business is 90% higher so it’s just a big big struggle of mine right now and I’ve explored so many things and just lost if that makes sense?

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Would love the help. I really am losing sleep trying to figure this out

Hey creditphil,

Would it be useful for you if a chatbot on your website collects the user data like email and phone so you can continue the conversation with them when you get to the information?

There are existing tools which do that. AI can make the chatbot more conversational rather than a bunch of input fields where the user needs to enter the information.

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I’m in my 50s and have been enjoying using ChatGPT for my strategy related consulting work. I currently own 5 small businesses. I rely heavily on strategy (my main strength and product) but am having trouble with the tactical deployment of the strategies for all my businesses.

I wish to be able to use a solution (or build one) where I can dump ALL of my company information, all my written communications and other literature, so I may ask GPT for questions about my companies without having to continually write the same prompts or having to ask it to summarize hundreds of pages so I may ask questions about my strategy on the businesses. I hope this makes sense. I have A LOT of information but ChatGPT 3.5 or 4 can’t handle all of that info or can’t ‘remember’ such a long list of pages. I need to ask questions taking ALL of the different company areas from my small businesses. All administrative and financial areas have similar or shared resources. All of the operations aspects are very different.

I need help unifying all of the info so I may ask short questions and get concise, focused and well-informed answers.


Forgot to mention my name is Ramon.
The 50’s comment is meant to illustrate I am learning about this great new tool but still need help figuring out how to match my real world scenarios to this (futuristic?) tool. :wink:

hello Nelson
I have a great Idea of creating Cognitive Therapist.I see the structure.please let’s connect for more information

Hi @nelson
I have a structured master CSV file with around 2,000 rows of car data, each row containing about 50 data points such as unique id, make, engine, transmission, seats, etc. Every day, I receive a raw unstructured file of about 100 cars that need to be manually matched with the cars in my master file, which is a time-consuming process. I am wondering if it is possible to use AI to learn from my master file and automatically find the unique ID for each car in the unstructured file. For example, the unstructured data may look like ‘2019 Mercedes E200 2L 5seater 181hp 2wd’. I have very basic knowledge of Python and can run scripts but would appreciate any help in developing a solution

Hi Ramon,

This is actually one of the most popular demand at the moment. Using Large Language Model on top of private data has a lot of demand right now. Questions…

  1. What kind of file format do you currently have for each of your businesses and where are they stored?
  2. Are you looking for off the shelf solution or you are looking to build it yourself?
  3. What kind of products or solutions you have already tried.

Feel free to message me directly if some of the information is too sensitive to share on this post, thanks.

Oh that is a challenging topic, but feel free to reach out to me if you like, thanks.

Hi Aaly,

This is actually very similar to this post here.

Do you want to take a look and see if it answers your question?


Hi @nelson, please, are you open to teaching about ai projects? I felt that your knowledge and your generosity can help so many people. I am creating an online ai teaching approach in Brazil, and for sure, you could contribute so much. For sure, every body from here and from everywhere would be more than welcome. I’ve already sent an invitation for you at linkedin.

Hi @nelson . I am building an opensource code interpreter which can used in termial , gitpod and github codespace. Hope you like it. the following is about the project

Hello. I am creating a medical assistant based on chatgpt-3.5-turbo. The only problem I am facing is the gpt keeps displaying disclaimers that users need to consult a doctor. I think it would be interesting case for you?

Hi Nelson,
I’m not a developer, barely dabbled in programming. But I can learn or hire someone. Here’s the problem and the project/solution.
I’m a member of a self-help type group with virtual and physical meetings worldwide, daily, at all hours.
For membets to connect, they rely on meeting lists posted at mostly a centralized location. The only way to update those lists is by email, contacting the team that takes care of it. Let’s just say it hasn’t been working very well.
I was wondering if an app could be developed where any member could just input the information for their meeting directly. That’s not very complicated and even I can see that’d be simple enough to accomplish.
The issue is maintaining the meeting lists accurate. This could be solved, I would guess, by adding some sort of extra parameter. For example, sending monthly requests to members to see if the information is still accurate. Can those emails be automated? Probably, right? So far so good.
But not everyone is handy with technology. So a responsive interface that can speak and understand many languages would be ideal. ChatGTP is conversational, I’m using it to translate books, and it understands what I want, as opposed to just entering the stuff I want to translate to, say, Google, and simply wait for the response. Not to mention the issue of accuracy.
So, I’m thinking this technology could be incorporated into the app.
If it takes learning to code for me to do something like this, I’ll do it. I just want to know if it’s feasible, you know? And you would know that. Not only that, I’m betting you can also give me a few pointers, so to speak.
This is personal for me. This self-help fellowship saved my life. It’s a way of giving back. But, most importantly, it’s a way to connect people with the help they are looking for so desperately. Let me know what you think. My email is zeugirdoroflodaogeid@gmail.com
I’m looking forward to your feedback. Thanks!