Let me help you build your project - no fees

Hi folks,
Thanks for sharing your projects with me the last couple weeks, I don’t think I was able to help everyone, but I hope my time benefited those who I worked with.
Moving forward, I will focus my time on maintaining and improve the Google Spreadsheet GPT3 Tool and the Fine Tune GPT Prompt Web App

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I have some interesting or practical ideas, but some are too difficult, etc., share them with everyone.Please assist me in solving it, thanks!
It must be a cool idea:
On the QICQ app, become a chatbot. As long as someone calls it, it answers questions. More importantly, it remembers what everyone in the chat group has said, and can paraphrase or apply it, imitating it.

Hey Nelson
Nice to meet you
I need help making a shortcut that has the api key for the chat box I’m new to this all
How can I do this?

I am not familiar with QICQ, but have you investigate into what it takes to build on top of this app?

Are you using the OpenAI API? Can you explain a bit more on what you are trying to do?

Hi Nelson,
My name is Reuben, I’m a radiology resident from Melbourne Australia.
I’ve built a “Dictation Error Corrector” web app using text-davinci-003 to address I problem I and many radiologists have.

I am having an issue that I hoped you might be able to help me out with - absolutely no problems at all if you are too busy.
As you can see in the example above, “enostoses” has been changed to “osteochondromas”. This is not correct, and unfortunately continues to recur in my experience using the app.
My prompt is very simple, and I have found that if I specify “permitted words” in the prompt the resulting output is less reliable.
I feel as though this problem could be solved with fine-tuning, however davinci is so much worse than text-davinci-003 at a base level.
Any thoughts on how I might be able to solve this dilemma :thinking:

Hi Reuben,
This is intersting, I’ll like to see if we can improve this use case.
Can you share the prompt you are using to make the dictation correction?
That will give me a better idea on how we can make improvements.

Thanks so much Nelson! I’ve DM’d you.

@nelson I am trying to build a text generator from an input prompt.

In GPT-4 playground, It is possible to “continue” text generation by simply providing “continue” as additional user prompt if generation stops.

But I could not figure out how to do the same with API using Python:

  1. I initiate the generation with both system+user prompts
  2. system start generating text
  3. It stops at a certain point for long generations
  4. I got the generation status with “finish_reason”
  5. I try to feed “continue” prompt with additional API calls ONLY using user prompt=“continue”
  6. But system simply does not continue to generate

I guess a new API call means starting a new chat, so system loses all its previous context.

I am sure there is a predetermined way to preserve previous conversations/context and continue from where it left off using API/Python, but I simply could not figure it out.

Any insight would be highly appreciated.


Hi Mustafa,

Do you mind providing the API Request you used with body so I can take a look at it?
Make sure you don’t send me your API key :wink:

Hi all,

I just wrapped out another project, and will have some more time for the next couple weeks.
Feel free to reach out to me if you need any assistance.

hi nelson. thanks for your help in the past. Just for your information, I took a different path at that time.
I made an office extension based on OpenAI GPT that helps creating answers or texts, even from your own and most importantly local database (without Pinecone or Weaviate, etc).
You can download it here:

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Very cool, glad it worked out for you.
May I ask how you store your embedding locally using this extention?

We use FAISS with C#. We do the embedding with OpenAI ada.
The binary vector file is stored locally on the hard disk.

Hello Nelson, how are you?
I hope so!!
I’m beginner in AI and Programming too…
I have an idea to develop an interaction between gpt and an erp.
The idea is, when the user clicks on an ad in some market place he can ask questions regarding the product and ad and gpt will be able to answer.
I would like to know how I can do this in a simple and correct way. Could you help me with this?
Is it possible for gpt through its APIs to be able to answer questions to patris of a Url? For example: I pass the address of a url and gpt answers my questions like the content of this url? If so, how can I best do this?

Faiss is a good solution.
I also recommend using Sentence Transformer for your embedding (www.sbert.net) if you like to run the entire workflow in private.

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Welcome to the community Wellington
This is very similar to a feature we have build in our project.
See Add Web Page - Superinsight Documentation

If you like to implement a simple solution yourself you can try the following…

Get the HTML Content
For a given URL, parse the content of the url using HTTP Request or Headless Browser
There are many tutorial on how to do that, but here is an example A Practical Introduction to Web Scraping in Python – Real Python

Parse HTML to Text
You can use regular expression or beautiful soup to get the text you are looking for within the HTML

Prompt Engineering
You can take the text as references and pass it the ChatGPT API to get your answers

Advance Techniques

Once you are comfortable with this solution, you can use other advance techniques to limit the size of your prompt and improve quality such as…

  1. Separating the large text to paragraphs
  2. Use Semantic Search or LLM to score the relevance of each paragraphs
  3. Do pre-processing on top of the contents using LLM to improve the quality of your prompt input
  4. Do validating on your results and check for quality and redo process if quality is too low
  5. There are probably other techniques as well, you can try to explore and see which one works better for you. API from OpenAI is great and you can use it, but don’t just stop there, try to explore other options out there in the open source world as well.

Good luck and I look forward to hear about your results

i would so love this, i am soooo lost and domt know how to build anything.

Greetings Philip,
Feel free to share what you are working whenever you are ready.

@nelson This is awesome. I would also like to help folks build their projects with no fees. Is it okay if I start a new thread or should I help on this thread itself?