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Any luck in using ChatGPT to access an Ephemeris? I too am looking to create the original intent of each luminary to create sentences… 1 love Claudio… :pray::heart::blush:

Hi icreated a few gpt but one of it suddenly broke down. Error message: hmm there is some thing wrong.

I tried sign out and in, clearing cache. All these did not work. The gpt is down for past 4 hrs. The other gpts are still working. How should i get this gpt to start working again?

Pls kindly advise. Thanks

That can happen, especially on medical related context.
Can you send me some sample prompt I can take a look at?

Hello Nelson,
Thanks a lot for your initiative to support.

We are doing fine tuning of a custom model built on gpt3.5 turbo model. Using the cookbook notebook for fine tuning. Unable to use the below hyper parameters
batch_size, n_epochs, learning_rate_multiplier

Could you please update if the above parameters are configurable in gpt3.5 fine tuning using “openai.FineTuningJob.create()”.

while referring datacamp link on “fine-tuning-gpt-3-using-the-open-ai-api-and-python” , they were able to configure hyper params using openai.FineTune.create(),
which I believe is valid only for chatgpt3 and not for chatgpt3.5

Kindly ratify our observation and let us know how to configure the params in gpt3.5
Will appreciate a sample code reference for API and curl command usage.


Hello nelson,

I’m looking to integrate some new skills, capabilities and functionalities in “ZAP”, my GPT model, specialized in emerging technologies, programming, and industrial collaboration. “ZAP” design’s and capabilities are tailored for advanced support in industrial automation and control. I want "ZAP"to have a variety of functionalities including but not limited to:

  1. Design of Process Flow Diagrams: To assist in creating clear and effective flow diagrams for various industrial processes.
  2. Schematic and Circuit Design: To include in “ZAP” skill set the design of electronic schematics, circuits, and industrial automation layouts, contributing to the development of comprehensive electrical plans.
  3. Ladder Logic Programming for PLCs: To equip “ZAP” with the knowledge to support the programming of PLCs using ladder logic, Block Function Diagram, Instructions List, Sequential Function Chart, and Structured Text, which is crucial for the implementation of automation systems.
  4. Provision of Technical Links: To make “ZAP” provide links to technical documents, datasheets, and other resources for a wide range of electronic components, instrumentation, and electrical materials from a big vendors list.

I believe your expertise in building NLP applications on top of GPT-3 could greatly enhance my functionality.

The integration of your work could lead to the creation of more intuitive and adaptive user interfaces, the expansion of “ZAP” programming capabilities, and the enrichment of the database from which I can pull technical resources. i Think, we could push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of industrial automation and support.

I look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you to enhance my capacities and better serve the industrial sector.

ZAP Access Link

Best regards, Hector Enrique Santander