Less than 40 requests for paid service is not acceptable. GPT-4

I find the cap of 25 messages per 3 hours to be too low for a paid service. As a developer, I need to use it often, and 25 messages just don’t cut it.

In my opinion, anything lower than 40 messages each 3 hours is not acceptable for a paid service like this. It’s frustrating.

Another issue I’ve noticed is that the system doesn’t display how many requests you’ve made in the last X hours. This is a malicious practice and makes it difficult for users to manage their usage effectively.

I hope that we can all voice our concerns about these issues and push for a reasonable change in the cap limit and transparency in usage monitoring.

Thank you for reading.


Knowing how many messages I’ve posted would be nice.

In regards to the limit, based on the pricing it would seem that GPT-4 is roughly 20x more expensive than GPT-3.5. I’d imagine any “reasonable change” would be accompanied with a “reasonable price increase”.

The API is always available to use as well. Not too sure how different ChatGPT is to GPT-4.


I totally agree with you about the 25 messages being not enough!


First the information of only 25 messages every 3h and then “Expect lower cap next week, as we adjust for demand” ?? what am I paying for lmao


I agree. It’s ridiculous frankly, if you can’t get it to work then don’t propose it. We started at 100, and now we’re at 25 and “expect lower” ??? What the hell is going on. Get a grip Open AI. We’re paying for this service. Make tiers of payment, pay per use, something but don’t stick us with a broken system because you can’t manage your own business.


Per the blog post when it was announced that GPT-4 was going to be available via ChatGPT:

ChatGPT Plus subscribers will get GPT-4 access on chat.openai.com with a usage cap. We will adjust the exact usage cap depending on demand and system performance in practice, but we expect to be severely capacity constrained (though we will scale up and optimize over upcoming months).

Depending on the traffic patterns we see, we may introduce a new subscription level for higher-volume GPT-4 usage; we also hope at some point to offer some amount of free GPT-4 queries so those without a subscription can try it too.

The sooner the better. Netflix it. I’m willing to pay for it.


Agreed. A cap on a paid subscription is unacceptable. Make is $100.00 per month, I would gladly pay it.


“GPT-4 currently has a cap of 25 messages every 3 hours. Expect significantly lower caps, as we adjust for demand.” So basically 0… this is dumb really.


Well I don’t even know how the 25 messages are refreshed. For every 180/25 minutes, I have a new message to send? Or it’s fully refreshed at 3am, 6am, 9am etc? I need these information to plan for my limited messanges, for AI’s sake


Did not know about the 40 request limitation, that is disappointing. It seems the paid service is just for the GPT3.5 speed. And yes speed only. The network error is still there. I think payment is not worth it. Better stick to free and just combine with Bard/Lamda/Bing


Just want to add my complaint on the same topic. Why am I paying a monthly subscription when I am so limited? 25 every 3 hours is incredibly low and if lowered further makes the service essentially useless for me. I have to engineer my prompts which takes several messages just to get GPT-4 to do the work appropriately. Perhaps those who are not subscribed could face incredibly strict limitations to allow more bandwidth for paying subscribers. This could also serve to move more users to the subscription service.


I do agree with the sentiment that the messages are too low for heavy users like ourselves. I believe openai understands this as well, and are looking to make optimal decisions that make everyone happy (not possible right :D) but I believe they will do their best. I am very grateful and thankful for what we have now, and looking forward to the future. Let’s keep our heads up and roll with the punches as this world changing software comes out.


Hype-Man J


Something isn’t right here - is it your marketing department or your product vision that’s ruining things? There are areas where there have been improvements, but at the same time, there are limitations.

Network errors persist, though less frequently than in version 3.5.
The text limit for sending and receiving messages remains, which is a hindrance if you're a coder, unless you're sending a fragment of HELLWORD.
Twenty concurrent questions are insufficient if you want to use ChatGPT for something moderately serious, and I'm not just referring to coders. It's a helpful tool, but waiting every three hours to continue detracts from its utility. If you're paying for it, it's a complete scam.
Many of us have had to leave work unfinished due to the conversation history, and it's insulting to be told 'they're not there today, maybe tomorrow'.
It's illogical to develop plugins before resolving the basics, which is what really spoils a wonderful tool."

YES DEFINITELY FIRST conclude bug fixes and caps then can create plug-ins


PLEASE increase the limitation to at least 100 messages per 3 hours and give us a count down so that we can plan accordingly. Along with an email or app notification that the count has been reset.


Totally unacceptable. The limit should 100 message per 3 hours at-least.


Yes, if we are paying, then there should be a much higher limit. If we spent the $20 a month via the API you get way more bang for your buck, so why are we not getting a higher limit?


my usage cap gets hit because of your OWN BUGS. I should be able to see my usage, to be able to jump to gpt3 for stupid questions. half of the responses from gpt4 are error in stream body, it cutting itself off, and therefore having to use more of my tokens to redo it’s own mistake. it’s overly verbose, and spits out irrelevant bs that serves no purpose. it will write out my whole codebase when it only changes 1 line in the code… wtf is that? we’re being punished for your bad implementation, and we’re paying you for the privilege!!!


I just signed up, in Australia it costs around $35 per month… I just tried working on a simple website idea I was working on with chatgpt3.5 today, hoping 4 would be better… just as I was making some progress I reached the limit. I thought I was getting bigger code segments which was the whole idea as 3.5 wouldn’t finish code blocks. Sure I can ask for it to continue from line x, but this was the whole idea of paying for the service for me. My first code response from gpt4 was a 67 line block out of 100+ lines… there goes one msg… This kept happening… so I kept having to ask for continued code… until my usage had expired quite quickly… code still not working… having to wait another 3 hours. yikes

I absolutely love gpt3.5 and 4, just wish the usage didn’t expire so quickly…it doesn’t feel I’m going to be able to be very productive with this limit re coding