-- Want to build a postgreSQL vector database for building AI applications?

I’m working on a postgreSQL extension called Lantern for working with vector data to build (think pgvector, but better … with more tools and features to help developers)

A bit about us.

  • we’re part of the upcoming Y Combinator W2024 batch
  • we have better performance and more features than pgvector, the most popular postgreSQL vector database today.
  • pgvector has been around for 29-months, and we got further along in just 2-months!!

The salary range for the full time position is $140k-$200k, contractor rates can vary from $40~$80 / hour depending on experience. The role can be based remotely.

In terms of some responsibilities for the role:

  1. Build new database capabilities, performance optimizations across key database metrics
  2. Implementation of vacuuming, query and storage optimizations
  3. Build analytics and tools to help developers (version control, A/B testing, auto-tune index construction parameters)

Do you have any advice on how to find someone that may be interested?

Are you possibly interested in writing C with us? please reach out here!

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Hi i am interested to build this AI application. I have already build a similar application with chroma DB and langchain framework. You can connect with me on profile.