Langchain for specific domains

how can i use langchain with the embedding data and serpapi for specifc domains only
i have embedding data for personal loan only and it is working fine , it is not giving any out of domain answer which is Personal loan beacuse i apssing question through keywords matching basis

but i want to use langchain with serpapi so i can use real time value from the internet , than i will not use emedded data

i am using embedded data just because i have given updated data , GPT has not udapted value

so when i am using langchain with serpapi it is giving me the real time value without giving any data from my side

now i want to know if user is asking about autombile “i do not know ask me only about Personal loan”

main question is how to restrict through domains if i am using lnagchain serpapi

This may be a better question for the LangChain forums since it is specific to their product.

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