Llamaindex vs langchain, which one should be used

I am getting confused between the two. I think only one is sufficient and looks like llamaindex may be little better. is there any reason to use both?


Depends on your Final Goal, if its mainly an intelligent search tool llamaindex is great, if you want to build a chatgpt clone capable of creating plugins that is a whole different thing. Langchain allows you to leverage multiple instance of ChatGPT, provide them with memory, even multiple instance of llamaindex. Things you can do with langchain is build agents, that can do more than one things, one example is execute python code, while also searching google. Basically llmaindex is a smart storage mechanism, while Langchain is a tool to bring multiple tools together.


Thanks a lot. I was also trying to see if langchain has any moderation abstraction like the models

Hi can you point me to the resource where I can leverage multiple instance of ChatGPT with langchain? @joyasree78

I assume you are asking how to evaluate multiple models for your chat applications. You will need to build this in your framework using langchain. For example in my case, I instantiate an LLM as below

llm = OpenAI(model_name=<model_name>,

Then I dynamically replace with the actual model name