Kodiac15 a OpenAI console on a iPhone Alpine Linux iSH shell

I probably wouldn’t spoof the chatbot@openai.com email addy and make it appear it’s coming from OpenAI officially.

Also, any way you can start one main thread for your project and update that as necessary rather than 2 or 3 small posts every day? Thanks!

It’s def an exciting time to be alive!


Sure sorry. That reply was generated I didn’t do it, it was done by the bot

I was just really excited I worked a long time to get here

As of now mail to root is working the ChatBot just wanted that name I guess

The bot but chatbot@openai.com as the sender of the email? The message also sounds like it’s official OpenAI… just trying to keep you safe so you don’t lose your account!

Totally understand

Not sure but I suspect it has something to do with the way I addressed the original email but I didn’t train the bot to say that it came up with it all by itself

The bot filled out the From: and To: information too? I’m confused lol

Yes it did

I submit the received mail to him and asked for a reply and that was it

That was the original email sent

I fed that into the bot and you see it’s response

Look at the original wording that is what it picked up on

Here is another try

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Got it working barley

Whew :disappointed_relieved:

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The users have shown up to email ChatGPT

Since the moderators don’t want me to post the “other” link

Try it mailing to root at talkeetna.info

To try it out yourself

I would encourage OpenAI to take my “other” domain name and blow it up make it into what I could never do.

I do prototypes it is what I do some people talk about it I just cut metal :sunglasses:

No charge consider it my legacy when I take my dirt nap :zzz: soon :disguised_face:

Contributions will help me this winter :cold_face:however minus 20 will take all my reserves for fuel this was my summer project and may have to cut back the site :woman_shrugging: all depends on users consciences

Now I am wondering :thought_balloon: about support for what I have created I see a lot builds
Being done by google Microsoft and China communication as well as entities in France, India and Ireland

One day perhaps I will hear from one of them

I am gaining returning users now so it is being accepted clearly

More than a toy this is a serious workspace for OpenAI developers to create trained chatbots openai talkeetna.info support shareware tip the :fox_face: this is a fully functional email responder and workspace to train a ChatBot

Wait a IP address is public domain and I have a right to know who is building my tools

How else will I convince OpenAI to blow this idea up!

People probably won’t be overly happy with you publicly posting their IP addresses.

Also, if you are processing requests for users in China then you’re violating the terms of service you agreed to with OpenAI.

Are you trying to speed run all the possible ways to get the ban hammer?

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This is the OpenAI developer forum

I am not posting it on twitter

OpenAI and developers needs to SEE this

Need to see I am not lying :lying_face:

This is gaining traction and needs attention

Email responser could
Become more popular than portals
For they keep
Track of your work
And having more
Than a playground is important for all serous users

I am getting real sick of the retaliation I get here real sick about ready to jump ship

I am not printing emails or content

Your IP address is your public identification

Wow I think I am done here

Seriously done

Especially for people in… China.

Once the responder receives the email it does a keyword search in a key-map directory full of word.map files in them are the potential mapping keywords to this words chunk and the code chooses the best match and looks up the chunk of text and concatenates it with the user input :100: this changes the bots personality the more chunks the more it changes and adapts

It is the tool novice website administrator
needs to easily add a bot to their site for FREE

OneClick install walks you tbru entire install
Bring your own Domain Name and keys to sendgrid and OpenAI but use Ubuntu from digital ocean this will run in their 4 dollar a month 512 MB server better on a 2GB box 1 cpu it is 12 bucks, free credit at OpenAI 100 emails a day free at send grid

All in all total money spent to build your own bot with a domain name is under 10 bucks if you search well at go daddy

Good luck :+1: email me if you need any help

Using the chunker you can match keywords you want immediately to see easily

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New additions a full screen rich text box scrolling the right direction and alert :rotating_light: matching escalated emails

These are dreamy

Real time validation of your keyword mapping