GPT4 for analyzing NLP results


I just finished my first machine learning project ever. I incorporated gpt4 prompts into it. I used several NLP methods to analyze questions from stack Overflow concerning Azure Data Factory. I then used GPT4 to interpret the results of Latent Dirichilet Allocation, Vader Sentiment Analysis and spaCy extractions. Since I do not have access to the gpt4 API I had to do the prompts in ChatGPT Plus.

I am pretty happy with the way my project turned out. I am also looking forward to when the gpt4 API will be available. I hope my project will will be of value to others seeking ways to combine machine learning with GPT4. The process I designed can be used in requirements engineering but could easily be adapted to or customer insights generation.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Here is are links to my repository and the flow chart: