Knowledge retrieval stopped working for assistant api, but still works in playground

A couple of days ago I was using knowledge retrieval via an assistant api and it is working as expected.

Today, the assistant api is telling me it does not have access to the file, I have tried with several different files and I get the same response for all them, saying it is unable to access those documents. When I use the assistant in the playground it works perfectly fine and responds with reference to the files.

Is this something from OpenAI? Is there a potential solution to this issue? I’ve been reading through the formum and found a few other topics mentioning the same issue.

Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

Are the files still in the files area? i.e. might they have been deleted? or has there been an update to the file and a new reference generated by someone other than yourself? you can see this post for details : Deleting a file from Files area doesn't remove it from Assistants

Hi Foxabilo,

Thanks for the reply.

The files are uploaded to the assistant and file area. I can also see by calling the assistant file list that the assistant still indeed has the file I am trying to access. Even when I explicitly call to the file_id when creating and running the message, it still tells me it is unable to access the file.

Ok I managed to get it to work by playing around with the assistant instructions and include “#knowledge retrieval” at the end. Hope this helps other people.