Knowledge cutoff date of September 2021

The model is currently limited to data up until September 2021. Are there any plans to update the data? Will the model be connected to the internet in the future? It would be cool to use chat to learn the latest technology. For example Laravel 10 (release 14.02.23)


hmm ya september

I was just about to post same question. My research is limited due to outdated dataset.

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I hit a road block with this earlier asking a question about the iPhone 14. As far as ChatGPT is concerned the database only goes up to September 2021, so it cannot tell me anything about the technical specifications.

I am on a Plus account and thought it was supposed to be more current than the free account.

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Is there any official news or updates from OpenAI regarding the extension of this cutoff date? I would appreciate any information or insights anyone might have.