Keyboard shortcuts on Playground

When using Playground, I’m looking for any native keyboard shortcuts than can make usage quicker.

I’ve not been able to find any via search.

Examples of useful shortcuts could include (in the chat interface):

  • Switch between messages
  • Remove the currently selected message
  • Switch the mode of currently selected message (e.g., User/Assistant/System)
  • Switch to the model config pane

Does anything like this exist, or is this a feature request post?

You can just use your browser-native keys for navigating HTML interfaces:

TAB - move between input fields and controls
SHIFT-TAB - move the field selection in reverse direction.
LEFT-RIGHT - adjust sliders
UP-DOWN - select within drop-down boxes

The API playground is not really a place where developers while away their days.

PS, for accessibility, OpenAI, the system input box is never selected when tabbing through input fields.

The native HTML keys are not sufficient for the above usecases unfortunately.

TAB doesn’t switch between message fields, only the current message field and model config. Nor do message deletion options get selected by Tab.

As a developer I prefer the playground chat interface as it gives more control. I might try one of the third party playground apps like open playground