Kaggle Contest: Using LLMs to solve science Q&A multiple choice

There is a very fascinating contest going on right now:

We’ve started up a team and we’re going to take a pretty relaxed approach here, no more than 1 hour per day, with the goal being to learn rather than necessarily win.

To that end, we’d like to max out the team size in order to optimize the amount of ‘transfer learning’ that can occur.

If interested, send me a message and join in the fun. If there are enough folks, perhaps we can set up multiple teams.

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“Requirement: you must give us all your code and all your personal info to use in any undisclosed way we want.”

“You get no money if we “disqualify” you, or even if our computer gets a virus. We can cancel these terms or our need to comply with them at any time. You’ll never know if a real prize was distributed to real people. No suing as we can do whatever we want.”

My requirement: where is the money being held in trust for the free content they want you to generate, and overseen by which accounting firm to guarantee distribution. Where do I submit my contract?

I recently got a cheque for $20K from Google (Kaggle owners), so, yes, they do pay out. Admittedly, that is not the average outcome as I was ranked 31/210K people on Kaggle Comps.

Kaggle also gives away a tonne of free compute. They have one collection of VMs that has 32 cores + 128GB of memory, with GPUs to match. Everyone gets access to that.

If you go in with the attitude of trying to make $$, you’ll most likely come away disappointed. It’s an incredible opportunity to learn SOTA techniques, an education you really can’t get anywhere else.

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