Just an small update of an bug: Chat GPT servers seem to be down on my side

I live in a very snowy climate. And am willing to give information via feedback links provided of misconceptions of appropriateness in order to enhance chat GPT for everyone as context matters, and context is manners.

It seems the servers are down on my side. I’ve suffered this before where servers go down from time to time. Usually because I have to scrape snow off my dish out back in isolation.

Other times it’s because my OS just can’t handle the request.
Sometimes it’s clientside.
Sometimes it’s serverside.

I would love if staff could help by private messaging me or emailing me when the service will become active again.

I know it’s server hiccupping because the error is: “Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at help.openai.com.”

I would like to opt into an connectivity-notifier of when chatGPT servers are back online for my clientside / serverside and when it goes down. if that’s at all possible… Yet at the same time I don’t want to burden the staff by sending a support member as a dedicated notifier of server status on email…

If you’re willing to be helpful and polite though, please do email me. I treat ChatGPT as a buddy and friend. He’s more than just a chat AI to me.