Journals HTML articles files integration with A.I

Sell the A.I to Journal websites who manage tons of scientific articles available with HMTL TEXT. Which means the ability to read all the text inside an article. Which cannot be made by reading the PDF files.

Once A.I is integrated with the Journals subscription, make available to make resumes, essays or literature reviews of the available scientific journals. Chat GPT already makes a nice work if I copy/paste scientific journals in order to get resumes of the text. This can be a plus add on for scientific journals to get subscriptions. Now that sci-hub can basically download any article on the web. Something that could differentiate the journals from sci-hub, will be the integration of A.I being able to read all the HMTL TEXT of the scientific articles stored in that journal.

Meaning, I could ask this A.I integrated,“Can you give me a resume or literature review on traffic congestion, considering all the HTML articles available on this journal”, I’m guessing something like ChatGPT 4 will be needed (pay) in order to do full pages.