I've a subscription plan but it doesn't appear in my openai account

I’ve been paying my subscription for two months but my plan still hasn’t appeared in my openai account, I already tried to contact support but they only say they should contact my email.

The most stressful part is that when I create the API keys, they are created with the “Free trial” plan instead of chatGPT Plus. This limits my access and leads to issues like “You’ve reached your usage limit.”

My subscription plan
[image not allowed] “but basically it showed my subscription plan”

Billing history

It all happened when I clicked the “leave” button. The organization was deleted, and I could no longer see any information about my subscription account. There was no warning telling me that I would lose all data. However, I never lost access to chatGPT.

[Image not allowed] “but basically it showed the leave button in the Members section in the openai account”

Has anyone else experienced something simillar?

ChatGPT Plus and API are separate. If you want to use API you need to put in billing into there.

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