Issue with Voice Chat- Unwanted Language Translation

Hello OpenAI Community,

I’ve been using the latest voice chat feature with ChatGPT (Android device) and I’m experiencing an odd issue. Despite setting my language to English, the system sometimes automatically translates what I say into Polish. I’m originally from Poland, but my spoken English is proficient, so it shouldn’t be a language recognition problem.

Additionally, I have set the language of my Android device to English as well, but this has not resolved the issue.

This doesn’t happen every time but is quite frustrating when it does. Has anyone else experienced this? Any tips on how to resolve it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Same here.

My voice prompts in English are sometimes automatically translated into Japanese. I am using an Android device.

I have read the article below and have already selected “English” as “Main Language” option, but unfortunately, the issue has not been resolved.

After the latest update, I think that the bug has been fixed, because I don’t have unwanted translation anymore. :grinning: