Issue with OpenAI API: Error when including the Particular word "Ideation"

I am using OpenAI api for our application. I have noticed that when I include the word “Ideation” (with a capital letter ‘I’) in my input text, the API fails to generate a response. However, when the word is in lowercase (‘ideation’), the API giving response as expected.

  1. Input Text: When I send a prompt containing the word “Ïdeation” (capital ‘I’) to the API, the response generation process fails, and I receive no output. It appears that the API encounters an error or gets stuck.
  2. Lowercase Text: On the other hand, if I use the lowercase form of the word (‘ideation’), the API works as expected, producing the desired response.

We are unable to find exact cause of this issue. Can you please help us for the same?
We are using TextDavinci003 and Gpt3.5-Turbo models for generating response.

Hmm I can’t seem to reproduce this with a simple prompt (e.g. “Give some Ideation”). Could you give an example prompt or code that didn’t work?