Is this the official OpenAI GPT store?

Is this already the official GPT store from OpenAI?

If yes: Then why do they in their official email write:
“In terms of what’s next, we are now planning to launch the GPT Store early next year.”

OpenAI has not released their GPT storefront yet and will not until sometime next year.

Since the public portions of this forum are indexed by Google and are ranked near the top of any OpenAI related searches, I felt uncomfortable with a link to an unofficial GPTs website next to the words “official GPT store from OpenAI” even as a question as it could be mistaken by an unsavvy user as a link to the legitimate GPT store, so I’ve removed the site URL from your post.

I hope you understand my reasoning for the edit.


And perfectly fine to have that deleted.
Another question that you might know @elmstedt
Will the assistants created here assistant here: also be allowed to be added to the future store?