Is this normal? Multiple cursers

A curious thing happened when I was using gpt4. Multiple cursers showed up and stayed there during the whole response.

I recorded a video of it but it’s longer than a minute, happy to upload it. It’s really amazing to watch. Where do I send it?

Is this normal? Multiple cursers

Yes, but not often.

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I’ve seen it as well. I thought i saw it backspace once, but turns out it was an emoji (?) or something that came in two parts before the emoji/image showed.

No this was not that. It split into multiple prompts it’s really amazing. How can I get a 3 min video on here?

I’ve seen three or four blinking cursors, but they never kept streaming text…

Yeah, post a vid if you can reproduce…

First to upload files on a Discourse site requries a high enough trust level.
Second, the file type has to be allowed by the settings. The initial set is really limited and only admins can change it.

Your best option would be to upload it to another place and then add a link here but even adding links is restricted to higher Discourse trust levels.

Shortened video so I could get on Imgur;

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