Is there way to submit a table as an JSON file?

Hello there,

I am new here, just started to investigate. I am a PhD student in Biochemistry and mainly working on proteomics data and I would like to test a couple of my ideas on proteomics, especially on diseases such as cancer. I would like to submit a data frame consisting of gene names and corresponding abundances to produce some insight. Thanks in advance.

Happy to be here!


Yes, well, you can submit a JSON file as a text prompt. Like, not the file itself, but the content of the file.

GPT-3 can actually understand data in a table-style format, look at the «Spreadsheet generator» available in the Examples section:

Even you can return the output (those insights you want) in a CSV file, or any data frame structure, with JSON this thing is also possible.

I’m not sure if just pass the whole JSON text as a prompt could have a negative effect on the performance of the insights that you want to receive. (If someone knows it has, please complete my idea)

I think it doesn’t affect the performance. But in the case it could, then you want to change your data structure, replacing those commas , with | bars, and deleting the {} braces.
With that, it depends on how large your data is, so you can change the structure manually, or with some code editor (to do it faster).