Is there official support for Integrating ChatGPT with Java Spring boot application?

Hello, I’m tried to integrate ChatGPT into a java spring boot application but there’s no dependency for it on the Maven repository, is there an official API support for Java Spring Boot?

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Hi @Ajava, OpenAI haven’t released an official API for ChatGPT. Have a look at this thread: Is there an API for ChatGPT3?


Like @jacob3 has said, there are no API’s for ChatGPT yet (in any language)

@Ajava If you are looking for a Java Library for GPT3 and OpenAI (you can write a similar chat bot using prompts with this)


Also if you want the spring boot integration, this library provides pre-configured spring-boot starter and was made specifically for working with spring boot

I found there’s no Java library specific to building LLM applications. I built one myself.