Is there any way to access the earlier (smarter) version of ChatGPT-4 (e.g., pre-May 3 update) prior to nerf?

If you use the API (bypassing ChatGPT) you can use the older version of GPT-4. Here is a before/after from the Playground today:

Latest model (gpt4-0613), incorrect answer:

Original model (gpt4-0314), correct answer:

To use the API you don’t have to be a “coder”. You can use the Playground, which is a web version interface to your API account.

The only limitation in Playground right now is the output tokens are capped at 2048, instead of 8096 in the “code” version of the API. But 2048 is plenty for most use cases.

To get started, goto:

And welcome to the API community!