Is there any update as to why the cap is only 20 messages?

My cap has been 20 messages for over a week even though it clearly states it should be 40 is this an issue for anyone else?

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No update, no explanation, lots of others with the same. Here’s post number 264 in a topic one could have contributed to:

gym membership 101:

  1. Discourage people that use the product;
  2. Collect the subscription fees of those that rarely use or forgot;
  3. (offer new product tier that promises what the first product promised)
  4. Profit

I got the same here!

I received the alert “You’ve reached the current usage cap for GPT-4.” after just 20 messages (I counted them).

This alert is completely inaccurate, as it’s nearly half of my usage limit.

Why am I being limited in using the service I’m paying for, which should provide me with its full benefits?