Is there a way to request discount or tokens for a non-profit effort?

I am a volunteer helping an effort to document Russian losses in Ukraine (see We are a group of mostly Russian nationals (though, I personally, am not) and anti-war activists.
There are messages posted on social media like funeral announcements (for example on What we are trying to do is to create a detailed and accessible public database of Russian casualties in the current war.
What I am trying to do is to automate the process of extracting (name, dates, place of residence, rank, etc.) from an announcement. These messages are posted in all sorts of formats and often later need to be cross-referenced with already identified data. So far most of the effort has been manual. However, I am working on incorporating GPT4 (earlier versions give much worse results) to extract the necessary data.
Is there a program to request tokens for a non-commercial, public effort from OpenAI?
Thank you!


following this as i represent several nonprofits that could benefit from this as well.

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I’m also interested in discount for non profits, I’ll be following this post. Thank you.

Important point! +1 following the thread.

Have you guys tried getting grants for non profits from third parties?

Microsoft offers azure credits for non-profits: Azure cloud solutions | Microsoft for Nonprofits

Azure has a large portion of the openai api available under its OpenAI Studio portion of its offering. Might be worth checking out? :thinking:

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+1 I will also be following this thread.

There is no discount for non-profits or educational institutions.