Is there a billing hard limit for finetuning?

On trying to finetune an Ada model, I am getting the below error. Any thoughts/suggestions on how to fix this? My training file size is just 76kB.

What I ran

openai api fine_tunes.create -t "path/to/file/xyz.jsonl" -m ada

Error I got

Logging requires wandb to be installed. Run `pip install wandb`.
Found potentially duplicated files with name 'xyz.jsonl', purpose 'fine-tune' and size 75583 bytes
Upload progress: 100%|##########| 75.6k/75.6k [00:00<?, ?it/s]tring to upload this file anyway:
Uploaded file from path/to/file/xyz.jsonl: file-yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyh
Created fine-tune: ft-gggggggggggggggg3d
Streaming events until fine-tuning is complete...

(Ctrl-C will interrupt the stream, but not cancel the fine-tune)
[2022-03-18 22:10:53] Created fine-tune: ft-gggggggggggggggg3d
[2022-03-18 22:11:03] Fine-tune failed. Fine-tune will exceed billing hard limit

Job failed. Please contact if you need assistance.

Things I tried:

  • Using a batch size of 1