Is that possible to use fine-tuning ID from another person?

If I upload a fine-tuning data set, and I give that fine-tuning ID to another person to use it as well, does he can use that freely?

I asked ChatGPT and it’s giving contradictory answers, first it said that it’s possible, after it said that it isn’t possible.

Answering that’s not possible:

Fine-tuning a GPT-3 model with a specific data set requires the use of a secret API key, which is used to authenticate requests to the OpenAI API.

It is not possible to use another person’s fine-tuning data with your own API key, as the data is associated with the specific API key used to fine-tune the model. Additionally, the use of GPT-3 and its API is subject to OpenAI’s terms of service, which prohibit unauthorized access to or use of the API and its data.

Answering that’s possible:

If you want to authorize another person to use a fine-tuning data file that you created, you can share the fine-tuning ID with that person.