Who owns fine tuned models?

I have a few fine tuned models. Can I export them so I can deploy them on my own? What rights does OpenAI have on the fine tuned models? Couldn’t find the terms of service specifically on this topic.

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I do not believe OpenAI will ever allow you to export models. By keeping them in house, they guarantee your business. This is doubly true since no one else can figure out their finetuning algorithm, so it’s part of their moat.

That said, your JSONL files are portable, so you can try them on NLPCLOUD (GPT-J) and a few other places.


Finetuning sits on top of the trained GPT-3 model. So you can’t export the finetuned component and run it without GPT-3.

You could, however, take your training and use it with another large natural language AI. However it may require substantial adjustment in the training set depending on the new AI’s capabilities. You probably would need to adapt your prompts as well.

Converting finetunings between different commercial/opensource AI models to give a similar result is a business niche I’ve not yet seen a player in…

But if I fine tune a model, am I the only person who can have access to it?

So basically it will run on top of OpenAI GPT, who will provide the natural language understanding, reasoning, etc. And your own fine tuned model, can be trained more specifically to my own context, and I am the only person who can have access to it? Or once fine tuned into the GPT API, everyone will have access to it?

I doubt anyone could unless they have your API key.

Any idea how long my finetuned models last on OpenAI’s platform before they’re deleted?

Currently no (documented) expiration for fine-tuned models