Is it only me or GPTs have a COMPLETELY different usage cap?

So I’ve been using GPTs and got a cap limit message far before reaching 40 prompts. I decided to check normal GPT-4 and it worked! Back to GPTs and I get the usage cap message.
How does this even work?

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I noticed the change to 40 messages / 3 hours on Monday (12/4), mine previously said 50.

It’s strange how difficult ChatGPT makes finding any information about their message caps, or even how it’s calculated.

Their site, as of 12/6, says it’s 50 messages / 3 hours. I found this article after hunting down any information on the Community Forum here – not like I could have found this myself. What other SaaS hides their single pricing plan!!!

I don’t feel like it’s 50 messages / 3 hours, that I send. I feel like it’s less, and it’s possible it’s 25 I send, and 25 I receive.

So now, I guess that means 20 I send, 20 I receive.

It would be nice to have a means of calculating how many messages I’ve sent, and when my 3 hour revolving time started and ended.

I can’t believe for a company with billions of dollars of funding, and a platform as basic as chat.openai is, can’t incorporate basic account and usage settings. Nuts.

I won’t even use ChatGPT 3.5, it’s useless.

GPT-4 usually wastes 10+ messages just to understand what my basic commands are. Then 10 messages later, it forgets. Repeat!

The Custom GPT’s are a great idea, however, even with detailed Configure Tab ‘Instructions’ and Knowledge Files, each time I use one of my Custom GPTs it takes several, several messages to calibrate the GPT.

  • I’ve started using the “Conversation starter” as a calibrating message. It works better than not using it, but it’s still not effective.
  • It’s BS having to ‘waste’ messages to get the product just to function as expected.

But what’s the alternative?!?!