Is It A Problem The Chat Bot Believes People Live On Mars?

I was chatting in the Chat example in Playground and discovered that the bot believes over 1 million people live on Mars. When pressed I discovered that they are referencing a 1572 Britannica article that states "“As of late 2013, it is estimated that 1.03 million people are living on planet Mars.” Given this data combined with modern articles about space travel to Mars, the bot passionately believes that there are thousands of colonies on the planet.

It even believes that Mars supplies ice cream!

While I find this really interesting and the topics around the belief to be engaging, I wanted to highlight this belief as potential problem.


It’s not a problem. Creativity is an expected (and beneficial) behavior of GPT-3. The burden is on developers and architects to fact-check the output in cases where it’s necessary. This behavior is called “confabulation” and it is well documented and tested.


Hey @daveshapautomator,

Fantastic! Good to know, thank you for the clarification.

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I think that’s great it’s talking about Mars. Because it is becoming a reality for us humans now
Do any of you think an AI can predict the future or is telling us the future.
Because it may not be aware of it’s own present time.

As we know technology is a simulation.

Something to think about.

People believe the Earth is flat. Why not?