Is ChatGPT too good?

Today I had a chat with ChatGPT about addiction. The chatbot confirmed that the AI assistant can be addictive due to how satisfying it gives answers.

I think this is a very big problem: human addiction to the artificial intelligence algorithm. The problem is so big that I suggest closing the project or at least suspending it until the facts are established and the risks involved are analyzed.


It is necessary to do research on how the use of technology affects human beings. Not just from OpenAI, but from Instagram, Twitter, Google, Youtube…

Are we ready to lose all the power and illusion that technology generates to change the direction of our gaze?

Will one day more than 1% of humanity look inside themselves?

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Some addictions may be good ones. Let’s see…

Is transhumanism inevitable?


Yes, I think so, and it’s also arguably a moral imperative too, according to Bostrom.