Invoice payed for ChatGPT Plus but is not active


I dont know if here is the correct place to open threed, but I dont see where else.

I have ChatGPT subscription from last month, and today my bank refused the payment so GPT went to free mode. I entered in my subscriptions, added new card and payed the invoice, but it still free not Plus. and is aking to upgrade.


What can be the problem?



Hi @darko4spain,

in which country are you based in?

Hmm could be that you get flagged when payment issues arise, worst case would be that you’d have to crate a new acc :frowning:


I live in Spain. The payment got denied by my bank this morning and I payed it in few hours. I know I can make new account but that would mean that I will pay twice.

Is there any support mail to write? Its not posible that bilion dolar company does not have support.

I have the exact same problem! I’ve paid twice now after having my account go to free version, updated my card info, and now haven’t had access for 2 days now. I’ve contacted the refund department for the double charge but still can’t access Plus or GOT-4. All my work this weekend was based on using 4… I’m in Canada so it’s only 12:36pm right now and had a full day of work ahead of me.

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Hi. @Dusty .

On what email you sent for refund? I sent mail to and no responce

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I sent my email to and haven’t heard back.


same here deducted from my bank but not upgraded and sent them for days still no response


I have the same problem. I paid on March 31st and my subscription is not active.

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I’ve paid twice on the same day as well and still don’t have access to Plus… it’s literally messed up the last 5 days of work for me as it was all based on using the GPT-4 model. 3.5 is no comparison when it comes to what I’m doing. I’ve reached out to refunds and support @ OpenAI and no response. There must be a way to get this fixed.

I have the same issue. Charged twice. Plus is still inactive. Any progress on this?

I recharged twice with $20, and you deducted the money from my account but didn’t upgrade me to PLUS. I can’t find any staff to help me with this issue.

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