Introducing Universal Teacher: An Interactive Learning Experience with Amazon Alexa and ChatGPT

…we come from here chatGPT on top of Amazon Alexa (chatGPT on top of Amazon Alexa).

The Universal Teacher skills are here:
(USA skill): universal teacher : Alexa Skills
(UK skill):
(Canada skill):

Welcome to the Universal Teacher Community Thread!

:books: About Universal Teacher: Universal Teacher is an innovative Alexa skill designed to enhance the learning experience for students of all ages. Powered by ChatGPT, this skill serves as a virtual tutor, providing interactive lessons and quizzes on a variety of topics.




:mortar_board: Interactive Learning: Dive into engaging lessons on subjects ranging from history to science, all tailored to a 10th-grade level for clarity and accessibility.

:mag: Explore and Test Your Knowledge: Ask Universal Teacher for explanations on any topic of interest, then put your knowledge to the test with interactive quizzes. Whether you’re studying for exams or simply curious about the world around you, Universal Teacher has something for everyone.

:bulb: Get Involved: Join the discussion, share your feedback, and connect with other users who are passionate about education and learning. Together, let’s explore the possibilities of Universal Teacher and make learning an enjoyable and enriching experience for all.

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Here is a video description…

This Alexa skill integrates with chatgpt 3.5 turbo.
It is a virtual teacher. The teacher explains a topic of your choice and then tests the student through a quiz session.

Here is the sequence of interactions between the User and the skill Universal Teacher:

Occasionaly I observe that the quiz session is made of a variable number of questions, from 4 to 7. This could happen because the counting of the questions has been left to ChatGPT. I have a solution in mind to improve this point. Do you have any advice?

In an Alexa skill the contents of the prompt and reprompt values provided by voice to the User get wrapped in SSML tags. This means that any special XML characters within the value need to be escape coded. For example, the output string “I like OpenaAI&ChatGPT” will cause a failure because the & character needs to be encoded as &amp;. Other characters that need to be encoded include: <&lt;, and >&gt;. This is important with Math topics.

I have fixed this problem by changing in the system prompt the number from digit (10) to its equivalent word (ten). That has done the magic! Now it is consistently providing 10 (ten! :grin:) questions to the user. I still have some inconsistencies with the final grade. Sometimes it doesn’t detect the number of incorrect answers. I’ll try to find a solution.

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Here is a second video, about history. The topic is the “Second World War”. The lesson starts with an explanation of the topic and then proceeds with a set of questions to test if the explanation has been uderstood.
Here is the link: Universal Teacher: connect for explanations and quizzes, powered by ChatGPT. #Alexa #chatgpt (

I’m still working on improving the grading. Currently it is up to ChatGPT to estimate the number of correct answer, but it has occasionaly some mistakes. I’m trying to replace it with a more deterministic mechanism.
In the meantime here is a second link to a Youtube video from one of the early users:
How to use Alexa for Mother’s day - YouTube

In the past weeks, I have polished some of the code primarily to reduce the number of context tokens. Even though the price of the token has decreased, a skill that relies on a long context can consume a lot of tokens. Here is a video I found about my skill:
How to use Alexa for understanding software engineers’ pessimism paradox - YouTube

Here is an helpful link to help teaching with AI.
Teaching with AI | OpenAI
The information is provided by OpenAI.

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Sounds great! But why not use gpt voice directly?

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Hi @chengcheu321 I’ve used Alexa because I know that programming framework. My goal for this app is to add a quiz sessions after a topic explanation, so using chatgpt voice is not enough to get it. You still need some library to create the quiz form.

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