chatGPT on top of Amazon Alexa

Let’s bring chatGPT to Amazon Alexa!
Hi everyone, I have several working skills for Amazon Alexa connecting to the text-davinci-003 language model. You can engage Alexa in a conversation on a topic of your choice. They are already certified by Amazon. You can find them at the following links:

  1. ‘oracle of light’: USA -
    It’s in English for the USA, UK, Canada (the link is for the USA, for the other countries look for the name of the skill in the Amazon website; currently I cannot support the locales India and Australia)
    Uk: oracle of light : Alexa Skills
    Canada: oracle of light : Alexa Skills

  1. ‘oracolo di apollo’:
    It’s in Italian for Italy

  1. ‘oráculo de luz’ :áculo-de-luz/dp/B0BRYGJGPP/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_es_ES=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=2KMAE7S5OHAWV&keywords=oraculo&qid=1673562231&s=digital-skills&sprefix=oraculo%2Calexa-skills%2C96&sr=1-1
    It’s in Spanish for Spain, USA

  1. „orakel des lichts“: https: // orakel des lichts : Alexa Skills
    It’s in German for Germany

  1. ‘oracle de lumière’:ère/dp/B0BRYCMFV8/ref=sr_1_3?__mk_fr_FR=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=396X30ELIMXT1&keywords=oracle&qid=1673563244&s=digital-skills&sprefix=oracle%2Calexa-skills%2C94&sr=1-3
    It’s in French for France

  1. ميدان العرب
    https: //
    It’s in Arabic for Saudi Arabia and UAE (working on it with Amazon)

  1. The ‘emotional shell’ has been released and it is available here:
    USA: emotional shell : Alexa Skills
    Uk: emotional shell : Alexa Skills
    Canada: emotional shell : Alexa Skills

******** Are you interested in joining me in this adventure? write me an email to
revolutionary.voice.2020 @
There are limitless opportunities! I have several ideas about regular skills, games, education, …
So far I have two problems: the cost of tokens and the latency. I need financial support. Which would be the best way to monetize a skill like that?
Let me have your suggestions.
Matteo Ferrari @ Revolutionary Voice


I setup the skill with Alexa and its great at answering questions. Currently, my only problem is launching it. When I say launch the oracle of light it opens the luna app on my fire tv and tries to start the game child of light on the luna cloud gaming app. Can we have a phrase like “I need the oracle” “Take me to the oracle” " I would like to speak with the oracle" tho this one might try to search contacts for the oracle but different phrases might help i think the of light part is making it redirect to luna or what if you said to alexa “i have a complex question” to open the oracle.

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Hello Brandon, thank you for reviewing the skill.
A solution to the problem could be using an ‘Alexa routine’, so you can give any name to my skill and invoke it with your personal sentence.
Here is a link that you can use to setup a routine
You have to use the Alexa app on you phone to setup a routine. Let me know if you are succeded in setting a routine.
Talking about your issue, the invocation name of a skill is required by amazon to be two words. That’s why I really cannot change it. What I could do is adding another verb to launch the skill, such as ‘Alexa, ASK Oracle of Light’. What do you think? In this case I shall certify again my skill, but I think it would be possible.
Consider that some days the OpenAi site is busy and I have to switch from the davinci003 model to the curie language model. Those days, the answers are less accurate. I also have some problems about monetizing the skill, and running the skill is becoming expensive. But I’m positive I will find a commercial partner.


At the bottom of the link I sent you, there is also a paragraph about ’ Fire TV actions can now be added to Alexa Routines’. Take a look at it and let me know. I dont have a Fire TV so I cannot try it.

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FANTASTIC! Thank you I enabled a routine for it and phrased it a bunch of different ways. My favorite is “Alexa summon the oracle.” It no longer opens up my fire tv. It runs great I love it. Now my only issue is that I think it asks “what would you like to know” to frequently. Sometimes I need a little longer to think how i phrase the question. She’s in much of a hurry for me to ask a question. Great skill tho!!!

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Happy to hear that! The skill will undergo some changes in the next weeks, to be more friendly and accurate.
It can manage the conversation context and provide longer answers, but for now I have to keep them shorter. Until I don’t find a commercial partner or somebody that wants to invest in it, because the OpenAI API is expensive when you start having customers.
About the question at the end of each sentence (“what would you like to know”), it is required by Amazon to keep the user engaged. Since English is my second language, how would you rephrase it?

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It is an excellent idea but there are some problems.
1-First the most important functionnality of chat gpt is missing, that is the ability to continue a conversation from one question to the next one. Now every time I ask him a question it starts a new conversation and does not carry on from the previous question.
2 The name is not very practical for starting the skill. I followed your advice from a previous post and “changed” the name. Now it opens when I say “Alexa I have a question” or"Alexa open Chat GPT".
3-The problem is that each time I have the introduction “Hi I am your oracle etc.” Can you just make it say “Hi what is your question”
4- For the question after each sentence, I saw what you wrote in a previous post, but can you make that sentence very short like “Anything else?” Or “What else?”

Hi Nathan,
thank you for your feedback. Here following you can find my answers:

  1. I have implemented the context management inside the skill and It was available some days but right now in the live version it is not enabled because it burns a lot of tokens. I’m looking for a way to monetize the skill and then re-enable it.
  2. Yes I got this complain but the solution you have in place is fine. Amazon requires to have a name of the skill made by two words.
  3. while I was certifying the skill through Amazon, I have been requested to declare which is the source of the data used for the chat. I have to state about OpenAi. I might try to shorten this sentence in the next version.
  4. Good, I think I’m going to take into account your advice in the next release.

Thank you very much for your review. I’m about to release an ‘In-Skill Product’ inside the skill. If you say ‘Activate Advanced Mode’ you can get a connection with the davinci003 language model, with the context management as you asked. Otherwise the skill in its normal mode will use a faster and cheaper language model, which is less accurate.

Fantastic idea.
Although when I ask the same question in the open ai website and on this oracle skill I get very different and shorter answers and can’t really tell if it is Alexa talking answering or chatgpt. When I ask who made you she says openai. So why are the answers much shorter and different?

Will it be possible to sign into my personal openai account?

Looks like you did a good job, but, i can´t use any of your skills. English version is not showing in my devices even if in the web it says activated. The spanish link is broken.
I guess that you are using your own keys, would be nice if you post your code on github in order to help, and change your key by our own.

I got “You are not eligible to enable this skill due to geographical restrictions.” for the English version. Is it possible to make it available in Singapore?

Is there any way it could be available for India?

Hi @ilyapl
My English and Italian skill are still using the davinci-003 model, with a small number of tokens because of the price. So there are some differences with chatGPT. By the way over the past days I made the change to the chatGPT API for the german/french/arabic skills and they look like the ‘real’ chatGPT. I will transition to chatgpt api the english and italian skill in the next days. Of course there are some limitations with Alexa versus the chatGPT web version: in the web version an answer can take several seconds to complete while in Alexa this is not possible. Stay tuned, in the next days I will upload the new version. Regards, Matteo

Hi @gonzalodlserna
The spanish link has been disconnected by Amazon: over the past days I went through an improvement in the Spanish skill and I had to certify it again with Amazon. I have integrated the new chatgpt api and in few days the link should be re-activated by Amazon. I will let you know.
For the English version, assuming that you have set Spanish as your language in your account, you have to change that setting to English before you can use the English version. Let me check with Amazon and I will let you know.
I do not plan to upload the code to Github at the moment.

Hi Iris @Iris1
Please double check that you can log in to the amazon website from where you are donwloading the skill. I guess you are using ‘’ and English as the language for your account. By the way I’m going to place a question in the Amazon forum and I will let you know. Regards, Matteo.

@jassingh.7995 Hi thank you for your interest in my skill. I guess you are interested in the Eghlish version for India. When I certified with Amazon the english skill I have set also India as a market. So in a way it should become available in the English locale for India.
But the way, when I try to look for it it doesn’t show up. I have placed the following question in the Amazon forum
I will let you know what is the outcome. Regards, Matteo

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@ilyapl Sorry I forgot to answer about the personal account. At the moment I’m not planning to offer the feature to sign with a personal openai account.

Hey @sono_matteo I cannot find the skill in Spain.

Hi @aribolabastida
The spanish link is correct but it has been disconnected by Amazon: over the past days I went through an improvement in the Spanish skill and I had to certify it again with Amazon. I have integrated the new chatgpt api and in few days the link should be re-activated by Amazon. I will let you know when it is back.


Thanks for the reply!
That link says “403 Forbidden” but glad to know that you’re looking after it, much appreciation!