Introducing JiraTalk - The Future of Project Management with ChatGPT

Hello OpenAI community!

We’re excited to introduce Phase 1 of JiraTalk, a new plugin for ChatGPT designed to revolutionize project management with Jira. Through our JiraTalk tool, you can now manage your projects in Jira using natural language. In this initial phase, we offer a suite of basic functionalities: from project creation, deletion, archiving, and restoration, to issue handling, commenting, assigning, and status updates, along with simple search and user profile viewing. Plus, you can manage boards within your projects too.

While Phase 1 serves as our foundation, we have ambitious plans to expand JiraTalk’s capabilities in the upcoming phases — from nuanced dependency analyses to extensive risk evaluations and resource allocation. Ultimately, we aim to make JiraTalk adept at interpreting and rapidly executing team-level tasks, enabling you to dedicate more time to strategic decision-making. As we move forward, your feedback plays a crucial role in our progressive development and innovation."

We’re inviting you to join our waitlist and be among the first to explore it. Visit our landing page for more details and to sign up for the waitlist. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Very interesting project. Check your support email :slight_smile:

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Just replied to your email now :+1: