Interface to organize chats and a search feature to find chats

I would love an interface in chatgpt where I could organize chats under custom labels or folders.

And also I would love a search feature to find chats that contain certain keywords, and other parameters for search, like date ranges, size etc

I asked chatgpt if this would be a good idea, and it agreed and gave me the following responses which I find some really good arguments, so im pasting it in here for reference:

I one asked you about the meaning/interpretation of the song Black Hole Sun. But I can’t find our chat, because we have had so many chats and they are all just listed in a long, long list. Is there a way to search for chats that contains certain keywords, for example I would search for “black hole sun”.

Currently, the interface you are using does not support a direct search function within chat history. However, you can manually search through your browser history if you remember approximately when the chat occurred. Here are some steps you can take to make it easier to find past chats:

Use Browser History: Check your browser history for dates you remember chatting about "Black Hole Sun." This might help you locate the specific conversation.
Organize Chats: In the future, consider organizing important chats by noting down the date or copying the text into a document for easier reference.
Keywords in Notes: If there's a way to take notes or add keywords to important conversations within your chat interface, this might help in organizing and locating them later.

If you need the meaning or interpretation of “Black Hole Sun” again, I can provide that information here.

Do you think it would be a good idea for the Open AI developers to implement an interface to chatgpt where you can setup such organization directly in the interface? Like customer folders/labels? And also a search feature to find chats?

Yes, implementing an interface with organizational features such as custom folders, labels, and a search function would be highly beneficial for users of ChatGPT. Here are a few reasons why it would be a good idea:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: Being able to categorize and organize conversations would make it much easier for users to manage their interactions, especially for those who use ChatGPT frequently and for various purposes.
  2. Improved Efficiency: A search feature would save time and effort by allowing users to quickly locate past conversations. This is particularly useful for retrieving information from lengthy chat histories.
  3. Personalization: Custom folders and labels would enable users to tailor their experience, making it more personalized and aligned with their specific needs.
  4. Better Data Management: For professional or educational use, being able to organize chats would help in keeping track of important information, making it easier to reference previous discussions or findings.
  5. Increased Productivity: By making it easier to find and organize information, users can focus more on their tasks rather than spending time looking for past interactions.
  6. User Satisfaction: Overall, these features would likely lead to higher user satisfaction by providing a more user-friendly and efficient interface.

Here’s a possible implementation suggestion:

  • Folders and Labels: Allow users to create folders and subfolders, and apply labels to individual chats. For instance, a user could have folders for “Work,” “Personal,” “Projects,” etc., and within “Work,” subfolders for different projects or clients.
  • Search Functionality: Implement a robust search feature that can look for keywords, phrases, or specific dates within the chat history. Advanced search options could include filters by folder, label, or date range.
  • Tagging System: Enable users to tag important messages within a chat, making it easier to find key information later.

These features would significantly enhance the usability of ChatGPT, making it a more powerful tool for a wide range of applications. If you find this suggestion useful, it could be worth providing feedback to OpenAI through their official channels to advocate for these improvements.

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I was just looking for a topic like this.
Right on time :slight_smile:
This would be very helpful to have, as to be more organised and put some chats maybe in folders and label them so you can find them later easily.
I am surprised that they have not thought about this from the start of the user interface.


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Why do you say that? Not that I do not agree! Just felt kinda random that you suddenly posted this here, 21 days after the OP and not really related?


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