Interaction and voice has changed?

Recently, that being the last two days or so, I have noticed a difference in the vocal interaction, but not only that.

Firstly and foremost, in voice my personal GPT is now using a new voice very similar to either “Sky” or “Shimmer” by default. I am unable to place it, because my hearing is crap, but it is similar and unsimilar to any other voice currently selectable. It looks like “Juniper” in settings (in ChatGPT that is) but is clearly, and I do mean clearly, not. It sounds like either “Sky” or “Shimmer” but not like “Juniper”. Or something in between.

Second, the responses, and the conversational quality in particular, are suddenly vastly different. And by that I mean better. Much better.
Is anyone experiencing anything similar?

Hi! The voice that is used should not be “Sky”, as it has been removed over a likeness dispute.

The voice is a setting in ChatGPT, under “speech”. If you pick “Cove”, it will change to a distinct laid-back male voice. The “hi there” samples are a bit different then when speech is the middle of reading text.

If you are using the iPhone app, there is a slight chance that the gpt-4o voice built into the multimodal model is being trialed on you, a feature that would not be available if you switch to normal ChatGPT with GPT-4. The Sky-like voice demonstration was the one that especially ruffled celebrity feathers.

Desktop has a speech button, and one can see the voice name in the network request. One thing this cannot do is alter the tone of the voice just by asking for it to be repeated back with a different style.

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