Interacting with your custom gpt in Python

Hi All,

I want to know if there is any way to interact with my custom GPT in Python. I can access the regular gpt 3.5 and gpt 4 models, but unable to access the fine-tuned custom gpt. Please let me know if is there any option for that.


Hey there and welcome to the community!

No, you cannot access custom GPTs through an API at this time.


Indeed, but you can create an “assistant” that does the exact same thing :wink:


Assistants API can do the same thing as your custom GPT just it’s more complicated to set up, like @N2U said. There’s actually a YouTuber who provided a pretty good tutorial on how to set one up in python and use all the functions and custom instructions properly. I’ve linked a replit below:
Solar Lead Gen GPT template | Replit

For now, defining an assistant yourself is a better solution. Automating interactions is still a bit difficult