Integration Issue with Custom GPT and DALL-E Image Generation - GPT4-Turbo

I’ve been working on integrating DALL-E image generation functionality into a custom GPT model. However, I’ve encountered a consistent issue where the model fails to create images and instead shows an Error. When I ask the chat what erros was that, it says: “UnrecognizedFunctionError.” This issue occurs even though I’ve set up the model for image creation. Has anyone else experienced similar problems with their custom GPT models? Any insights or solutions to overcome this error would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Yes - I get the same error. I have tried many different ways to get the GPT to generate an image consistently, but it will not do it. I have tried it in multiple GPTs also so I am guessing it is an integration issue with Dall-e and hopefully the team can sort it out soon…

Did it resolve to you? I just encounter the same error, and I don’t find a way to contact support through the chat. Thank you in advance…

No, I am encountering the same challenge. The system seems to be quite unpredictable, functioning correctly around half of the time and encountering issues the other half. Regrettably, I have also been unable to locate a method to reach out to support via chat.