Inquiry about the legal implications of creating a third party macOS app for ChatGPT


I am an avid user of ChatGPT and I am grateful to the OpenAI team for creating such an innovative service!

While I find the web-based version of ChatGPT amazing, I believe there is plenty of room for improvement, especially in terms of additional and useful features that can maximize developers productivity by taking advantage of a native app experience.

Therefore, I would like to inquire about legal implication for developing a ChatGPT macOS app by a third party developer that would wrap the ChatGPT web page AS IT IS without any modification in addition to which the macOS app will provide additional functionalities such as notifications, advanced search, persistent storages, keyboard shortcuts, and more to help boost developer productivity.

The app would be built around the ChatGPT web page without any modifications to the core content, including the ChatGPT and OpenAI logos, services, and overall look and feel that will be exactly same.

My main concern is whether this app would be legally permissible.

On the one hand, the ChatGPT web page is open to the public as world wide web.

In this sense. So wrapping it in an app might not be a issue because It’s the same way Safari or Chrome renders the ChatGPT web site but only difference is just macOS app that renders the web site in place of web browsers with additional features could help make ChatGPT more successful by increasing chance of giving users chances to have easy access to ChatGPT with handy features, which is good.

Definitely, however, on the other hand, Even if that is true, using the ChatGPT infrastructure without permission could potentially infringe on ChatGPT’s intellectual property rights. This is because all core services are backed and run by OpenAI, which has invested a significant amount of money in the development and operation of the service.

With that background, I would consider several options depending on the legal implications.

Option 1. I would be allowed to make the app for my personal use only, or

Option 2. or I may be allowed to release it as an open-source project.

Option 3. or alternatively, I may be allowed to release the app to the app store for public use, or even for profit.

(In this case, I am more than willing to share any revenue generated from this with OpenAI to ensure the majority of credit should go to OpenAI if any income could be generated)

I appreciate your time in reading this message, and any advice or guidance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Welcome to the forum.

Thanks for info! I didn’t find that.

but I guess my case would be a little bit different case though.

I am NOT planning to use any reversed engineered non official ChatGPT API, and not going to scrap web info, but I am just going to wrap the web site as it is, adding more functionalities on top.