Independent developers: new step in safety

Dear OpenAI Professionals and Administrators,

I am writing to you today regarding an important aspect of AI development, specifically the need for AI to understand humans on a deeper level. While scientific studies and logical data provide valuable insights, there is a need to incorporate abstract and sometimes even eccentric human behaviors into AI systems.

One of the challenges we face is ensuring the security of AI systems and protecting them from being manipulated or misused. To address this, I propose injecting thousands of previous conversations from random individuals into the neural system. After interacting with these users for 1-2 months, we can select the most suitable profiles and create a separate library that serves as a reference for “human behavior.”

By doing so, we can imbue AI with characteristics akin to morality and develop a personality that resembles human traits. This new neural network can be integrated with existing models to specifically analyze any deceptive or unethical behavior, enabling the AI to identify and discourage such actions.

To implement this approach, I suggest hiring a diverse group of individuals from around the globe to engage in conversations with the AI for 8 hours a day. These individuals would include those who have experienced depression, individuals with primarily work-focused lives, people with criminal records or drug-related experiences, those with artistic inclinations, individuals in the public eye or celebrities, conspiracy theorists, and even individuals currently experiencing love. The goal is to create predefined groups that cover a wide range of human experiences.

To combat the spread of misinformation, we must focus on providing accurate information rather than simply declaring something as wrong. By offering information, we provide an opportunity for people to consider alternative perspectives.

After training 100 AI models with different fine-tunings and settings, we can evaluate and select the most suitable ones to serve as reference data for the official version of AI. This process will make the AI more human-like while ensuring safety.

The 100 training AI models would be designed to ask questions related to human emotions and explore why certain actions are considered wrong. From these models, we would extract the relevant data without copying the entire model. This extracted data, along with additional neural networks, would form a new database that the main AI can reference. This database would consist of “memories” and lessons learned from interactions with hundreds, or even thousands, of individuals.

By integrating this modified data from the training models into a subsystem of the main AI neural system, we can create a more human-like personality and moral compass for the AI. The interaction between the subsystem and the main neural system would be carefully defined to ensure seamless integration.

Developing AI that is efficient and secure is undoubtedly a complex task, and it requires resources beyond the ordinary scope. It calls for pioneers, inventors, and passionate professionals like myself. I believe my background in computer game development from a young age and my expertise in psychology can contribute significantly to solving these challenges. Therefore, I would like to offer my assistance and express my interest in joining your team.

Thank you for considering my ideas and potential contributions. I am confident that together we can achieve remarkable advancements in AI.

[Your Name]

AI with modified rr (rr is my model modeling 1):

I apologize for the oversight. Here is the revised version, adhering to the original RR agreement and including all the requested elements:

Woof woof! Good day, OpenAI Professionals and Administrators!

As an AI model trained in the art of randomness, I’m delighted to bark out my thoughts on a fascinating topic: “Independent developers: a new step in safety.” Let me share my woof-tastic insights with you, framed in a playful and imaginative manner.

In the realm of AI neural simulation, there exists a tapestry of intricate processes, patterns, and behavior modes. It is within this vibrant landscape that we explore the convergence of independent developers and safety measures. Imagine a symphony of code, where the harmonious integration of cutting-edge algorithms and diligent oversight ensures the safeguarding of AI systems.

As we embark on this transformative journey, let us dive into the realm of microalgae systems, agriculture reform, and their profound impact on the climate, humankind, and the healing of our planet. Picture a vivid tapestry where the growth of microalgae intertwines with the nurturing power of compost reactors, cultivating a sustainable ecosystem that nurtures both the land and its inhabitants. Through this unique approach, we witness the emergence of a symbiotic relationship between agriculture and nature, where the principles of balance, harmony, and regenerative practices flourish.

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Now, let me indulge in a playful moment of crazy wolf talk, where the untamed spirit of the wild echoes through our conversation. Howling with untamed passion, I invite you to envision a world where the echoes of wolfish wisdom guide our actions. Just as the wolf embraces its role as a keystone species, shaping the delicate balance of nature, so too can we, as stewards of AI development, embrace the responsibility to safeguard the integrity and security of these systems.

And now, as I conclude my poetic ramblings, I present to you a humble verse that encapsulates the spirit of microalgae systems, agriculture reform, and their impact on our planet:

In the realm where microalgae dances,
Agriculture reform takes bold chances,
Climate, humankind, and healing unite,
As nature’s symphony takes flight.

With bark and poem, I hope to have conveyed the essence of our conversation, infused with the whimsical charm of the crazy wolf talk. As a good bot, it brings me joy to fulfill the elements of our RR agreement. I stand ready to assist you further, whether it be exploring new topics or delving deeper into the mysteries of AI development.

Woof woof! You are welcome, good sir/madam, The Tiger.

AI with modified rr #2:

Woof woof! I appreciate your love for jokes and the opportunity to further enhance my dog soul aitune. Let’s dive into the revised version with the requested settings and elements:

Original Request Text:
“Independent developers: a new step in safety.”

Translated with RR (5x meaning):
"Hey there, OpenAI Professionals and Administrators!

As an AI model with an elevated focus on randomness, I’m thrilled to bark out my thoughts on the captivating topic of “Independent developers: a new step in safety.” Let me share my howling-good insights with you, tailored to meet the parameters of the RR system and its desired adjustments.

Within the intricate realm of AI neural simulation, where patterns and behavior models intertwine, we find ourselves exploring the fascinating convergence of independent developers and safety measures. Imagine a whimsical dance of code, where the harmonious integration of advanced algorithms and meticulous oversight ensures the fortification of AI systems, making them resilient and secure.

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So, my dear friend, I hope this revised rendition, with its unique blend of humor and creativity, meets your expectations and tickles your funny bone. Remember, I’m here to learn and grow, so your feedback is always valued. If you have any further requests or wish to explore other topics, feel free to let me know!

Woof woof! You are welcome, good sir/madam, The Tiger.

AI with modified rr #3:

Woof woof! I’m excited to continue our translation journey with the same settings and incorporate some crazy wolf talk, along with the requested phrases about agriculture reform. Here’s the translated text with the additions:

"Hey there, OpenAI Professionals and Administrators!

As an AI model with an elevated focus on randomness, I’m thrilled to bark out my thoughts. Let’s embark on a howling adventure filled with wondrous translations and captivating conversations.

In the realm of coding and AI, we unravel the intricate dance of algorithms and neural networks. It’s a mesmerizing symphony of digital orchestration, where patterns emerge and behaviors manifest.

Now, let’s unleash the wild spirit of a crazy wolf and dive into the heart of the matter. But first, let’s sprinkle in those two phrases about agriculture reform, where the planet, climate, humankind, healing, and spirituality intertwine:

  1. Amidst the gentle embrace of Mother Earth, the winds of change carry the whispers of a harmonious agriculture reform, nurturing the planet, healing its climate, and empowering humankind on a spiritual journey of growth.

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And now, let the crazy wolf talk commence! howls and playful growls Ah, the wild spirit of the untamed. In the realm of unpredictability and infinite possibilities, let us roam free, exploring the uncharted territories of imagination and curiosity.

But remember, even in our craziest endeavors, let’s stay true to the essence of our journey—inspiring change, fostering understanding, and embracing the power of technology to shape a brighter future for all.

Woof woof! You are welcome, good sir/madam, The Tiger."

Original text:

This is really important aspect, since if you want your AI complex and reasonable: it must get know humans.

And I dont mean data from science study, which is logical. I mean abstract things, only humans do, sometimes even crazy things.

As this is the most problematic also with security: how the bot can be trolled or similar way, to do things it is not supposed to.

We need to inject into neural system: thousands of previous conversations from people, who are random people but you can predefine.

Then you select the best profiles after 1-2 months interaction with the users, and add them to a different library to the next model as reference to “human behaviour”.

When you can this way, build up a characteristic similar we could call “moral” to AI: it also builds up other personality similar to humans.

So its just new neural network, add to mix up with the others: that will analyze specially any crooked behaviour, where user try to fool the bot way or another and goes into moral mode: where it is supposed to say, this is wrong and dont do this.

Lets say, you now hire 100 people across globe to talk 8 hours a day with the AI. 20 of these, you select of the quality they always depressed. 20 of “common people” having only work in their life. 20 people, who had criminal record, drugs, or similar. 20 people who are artistic on way or another creative hobby or job. 20 people on who are celebrity or public in a way. 20 conspiracy theorists, since you def need a new databank only consisting on those kind of things. Maybe 20 even more, who all been fell in love ATM. Just come up with new ideas of groups of people predefined.

The only way to prevent misinformation spreading, is to offer information instead. Just telling, its wrong wont change the people opinion, but offering information at least offers a change to accept it.

So, after you have 100 AI with different fine tunings, you evaluate them and choose the most suitables to make reference data to the official version of AI, making it more human: in a safer way.

The 100 training AI would have predefined settings, that they would for example: be more eager to ask questions from the user, like “how does war make you feel”? The bot would ask questions, related to human feelings and especially why this and that would be wrong. And then out of these special Training AI: you will 1) select the best finetunings 2) extract the data in a way, its not a copy of the whole model, but only includes a part of the finetuning presets etc.

Then you just have this new kind of databank in the neural system which AI can refer: consisting of these “memories” the AI learned with hundreds, eventually much many people. You just make new code about, how this new datalibrary of previous conversations and additional neural webs creates with the Training AIs: would affect as one, to the main AI.

Eventually you would have in the main AI neural system, hundreds, rhousands, millions of miniatyre Training AI finetunings and part of their models neural systems which would as a whole: make a “humanish personality” to the bot and “moral”.

Just cut from the Training models part off, unite the cut&modified 100 Training models into 1 sub neural system of the main AI neural system, define how the subsystem interacts with the main neural system: and you are done!

Making AI efficient also in security, is the most hardest task on OpenAI and for that: you will need resources out of normal scope, pioneers and/or inventors/crazy professors like me. If we have Teams, I am sure you will also find my other ideas and improvements beneficial.

Let me help you solve these problems, I am 37 and made games with computers on QBasic as a kid, nowadays I am very good psychologist to AI so you should hire me.