Increasing font size of chatGPT macos app

There is no option to increase/decrease font size in the app. pressing Cmd and + does not work for increasing the font size.


Yes, please. The current font is too small on 4K monitors.


Please add this option, I can’t use a native app without proper font scaling.


Please add a way to increase fonts. They are very small indeed.


YES!!! it is the only thing that is preventing me to use the new version.


Yes font size and some background / foreground color configuration. Complete black for the background for example is easier to read in my opinion in dark mode. Also sometimes the code part flashes from time to time its a little odd. Cool that there is an app now though good job!

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Also in dire need of this – biggest reason I can’t switch to the native app.

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Me too, the font size is too small I can’t use the app

Pleeeeease. With this small font size its unusable.

On a 4k Monitor the app is to small to read, beeing an app with 99% text, this feature is a must. Thank you!


Reply to increase the popularity, really need the function of making the font larger!

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Absolutely needs text size adjustments for me and everyone else who needs a larger font to read easily. Thats like the most basic accessibility support you can offer, come on OpenAI step it up.

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It’s really unimaginable that they would allow such an app to launch without this feature.

+1 for this feature, seems like a pretty basic feature to be missing out on and sorely needed

+1 please add feature as default font size its almost unreadable w/ resolution 4k and above.

+1 text is way too small by default

Please add this feature. I find myself wanting to use it but reverting to the web app simply because i can’t read the text.

The macOS app needs Font Size and Background color settings controls!

Font size change please. its only reason I’m not using the app version.

Yes please, I can’t use it like this.