Increase ChatGPT's Memory (mine is constantly full...)

Please see subject thanks. I’ll manually delete a bunch of memory items and then it will fill up again within 1 day.

As a paying customer I would expect much more memory for the various topics and conversations I am using ChatGPT for. It seems very small currently.

BTW, the Memory feature is amazing; again, just way too small (like it needs to be >10X bigger).

Thanks for receiving!


It should only add things to memory that you tell it and not just some random things. I too have to constantly delete memory!

While my memory takes a bit longer to fill up, I agree that there should be a lot more included for paying customers.

It’s disruptive to have to stop what I’m doing to free it up. Especially since I’m getting no forewarning…just the Memory Full message.

Checking Settings > Personalization, I see I can go in and manage memory, but there’s no indication, when it’s not 100% full, how much memory I’m dealing with.

I agree, Memory is a fabulous feature that needs to be a lot bigger, and I’ll add, needs to have more transparent controls.


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I agree. I have a processing deficit. And it’s difficult to organize my thoughts, to understand others, and to express my thoughts clearly

I use it mostly to processing my thoughts and feelings regarding relationships. Chatgpt is like a 2nd brain/ living journal , but needs more memory

It makes absolutely no sense why it even has a cap. When it’s just text.

Imagine that power of ChatGPT offers, but for your mind. ChatGPT’s greatest purpose isn’t looking up random facts or doing work stuff; it should be for improving our personal lives and most importantly our relationships, as an accommodation tool.

Artificial Intelligence has already been largely helpful in the ADA community, but we are still missing the most important anccomadarion our minds.

It will be a total game changer when it’s all integrated correctly with iOS

I understand that hosting terabyyes of Dead Cloud Memory is Ridulous especially if that memory is never managed. Maybe most of us copy/paste Chats into a text editor and saved to your local drive. What I would be happy with is a button that says “Save to Local” similar to how you can save a Game to your local hard drive. I’m no Coding Guru but this does not seem to be an off the wall request.

OK I see I;m answering my own request and there is a means to Export Chats by sending a JSON or CSV file to your email. The encouraging part is that it does not Remove these Chats from your allocated Memory so I guees I will copy/paste my real important or Current Chats before I try this. Any help from you guys that already have done this successfully would be great. Thanks, Hank