Incorrect use of UI/UX when choosing "Which response do you prefer?"

When coding with ChatGPT, and you get to a point where you’re asked for which response you prefer, the entire chunk is clickable. This means that I have to “vote” for which item I prefer, without being able to test the code that I’m given, as it’s part of the box that makes the choice which response I like better.

This is a bit counter-productive, as I may have to test the code before helping out and providing feedback to a code example.

Please consider having a “SELECT THIS” button at the top/bottom instead of having the entire area clickable. Now text cannot be selected at all without choosing a preference. Not even with CTRL + A selecting all text on the page is it possible to select anything in these boxes.

Help me help you :slight_smile:


What browser are you using?
I have been doing this for some time now and just confirmed it still works for me.

This is on Firefox.
I am able to scroll the code block windows, but not highlight any text or press the “Copy Code”-button without activating it.

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It’s working as expected for me when using Firefox.
The two options are displayed next to each other and I can select text and interact with the copy code button as intended.

I do recall that I had this issue myself before, so I do understand that this can happen.
Maybe it’s possible to recreate the bug but I will have to do it tomorrow.

In the meantime I would suggest the standard suggestions like clearing the cache and the cookies and logging back in again, or testing in a private window.
Please keep us updated if this works.

It’s not a critical error for me.
If it’s not a common one, I think it’s not an issue. Not going to mess around with caches and whatnot for something like this.

Thanks for your input though!

Bringing this topic back up because I had a similar experience today.
During a ChatGPT conversation I was suddenly presented with two model reply options as to how to proceed. This is a bit surprising as I have previously experienced this option to choose the best reply only when previously rating a response as “not good/ thumbs down”. And this is also the case I was referring to above in this topic.

Today, the option to select the better reply was offered to me without clicking thumbs-down first. Instead I just send a new prompt to continue the conversation as one would usually do.
As OP described I was unable to partially select text from any of the responses and instead could only select the better response.

The issue can be resolved though because both replies remain in the conversation and can be selected for continuation using the little arrow buttons at the bottom of the last model reply.


While this is a little bit confusing, the important part is that all information remains readily available inside the conversation history and one can make the actual decision for proceeding when both suggestions have been properly tested.