Incorrect Response for a simple math problem


We ran into a very odd problem and trying to figure out the best way forward. Basically, we have a very simple JSON string that has month/balance. We ask it the follow question:

What is my average monthly balance? Show me how you calculate it.

As you can see, everything looks correct except the math that it’s doing. The actual number is $10,135,536.11 but always output the incorrect number. In this case it’s $11,519,280.05. If you take the actual equation the assistance provide and just run it, then you get the correct answer. Any idea how to fix this?


GPT is unreliable when it comes to any sort of arithmetic due to it’s primary function as a language model.

If it is able to extract all the values correctly, why not just use simple logic in your server to perform the math, and then output the result to GPT?

LLM = Large Language Model

It doesn’t do so well at math. Search the forums here for “math” to see what workarounds you can do.

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Thank make sense. I do see a lot of issues related to math. Thank u!

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