Include rdkit in chatGPT's environment

I’m a chemist, and every time I ask an automated task to chatGPT, it is able to find everything needed to transform basically a common molecular name into a 3D structure or even a chemical drawing. However, it always fails to run the code because rdkit is not part of its environment. If I test the code locally, it typically works fairly well, but in order to iterate and build custom GPTs for chemistry, it would be best that it uses rdkit on-site. rdkit is a basic and reliable cheminformatics library, widely used by computational chemists. I think it should be included. It would make it way, way easier to automate tasks of interests to chemists or to anyone needing predictions from computational chemistry.

Many tasks from rdkit are lightweight and yet crucial preprocessing steps, such as converting name to SMILES or SMILES to plausible 3D structure.

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Me too , i cant add new packages, and the model of images very bad in chemistry