Impossible to create complex gpts as a plus user

Developing gpts with a chatgpt pro account is impractical or impossible for me.

I have had to switch to the assistants api, which is not the end of the world, but it is absurd that I can’t build the tools I want due to poor implementation of traffic management.

A warning would make a huge difference. If you haven’t uploaded everything out of the environment and the cap kicks in, the code interpreter session is dropped and everything is gone. I have lost more than one extremely productive session that was about to bear fruit.

A single round of testing a single piece of advanced functionality can easily use the entire message cap.

I’ll gladly pay more (lots more) for access that allows me to build things.

Please add some kind of warning for the cap. Even just “Your next message is the last for X minutes” would make a night and day difference. You could pace yourself properly and not lose anything.