Image prompting limitation

I’m curious, what’s the status of this type of issue. I know this will only get better but is there a workaround… after a few attempts I finally prompted .

"Again, at the bottom is ATOMS, and the branches should be labeled ONLY AS THIS:

Ionic and Covalent Compounds:
Metals and Metallic Bonding:
Macromolecules and Polymers:

There is an insistence on introducing what seems like gibberish to me… well and getting it completely wrong.


Maybe Ill try specifying strictly the English language… but I’m already telling it exactly what I want.

Perhaps it is better to have AI use deterministic tools for plotting such things.

graph TD
    ATOMS --> Elements
    Elements --> Molecules
    Molecules -->|"Two Types"| IonicAndCovalentCompounds
    IonicAndCovalentCompounds --> IonicCompounds
    IonicAndCovalentCompounds --> CovalentCompounds
    Molecules -->|"Also Leads To"| MetalsAndMetallicBonding
    MetalsAndMetallicBonding --> Metals
    MetalsAndMetallicBonding --> MetallicBonding
    Molecules --> Mixtures
    Mixtures --> Crystals
    Molecules --> MacromoleculesAndPolymers
    MacromoleculesAndPolymers --> Macromolecules
    MacromoleculesAndPolymers --> Polymers

    classDef branch fill:#f9f,stroke:#333,stroke-width:2px;
    class ATOMS,Elements,Molecules,IonicAndCovalentCompounds,MetalsAndMetallicBonding,Mixtures,Crystals,MacromoleculesAndPolymers branch;

It’s pretty cool that it gets the dual dependency of Imecciles and Boloidles. Just like in real life!

OK, yeah, so, “text” isn’t its strong suit. Maybe a version that is fine tuned on SVGs could actually generate correct illustrations with correct text?
Has anyone tried it?