Image Generation Then Sending Link to API

My user case is to generate a image and upload it through an api to a 3rd party. The issue I run into is that the image value does not seem to be valid. When I extract the url from the image, the image does not appear. I asked ChatGPT about a link to download and they told me they cannot give it to me since the image is in a sandbox for chatgpt only.

My question, has anyone figured out a way to generate a image in gpt4 with dalle , and to upload that image to a 3rd party without having to download it first?

Using the image generator api is not an option because of cost. Unless you know of a free one. But either way, using the image generator would be the best option by far in my opinion.

There is currently no way to access the image without downloading it first, the API is the only way to go for what you want.