Image generated without a prompt

I asked my custom GPT a business question which it answered. When I returned to it 5 minutes later it also had an image which I did not ask for nor did I prompted it with anything at all. This is vert concerning to me. Will it do the same with my users (patients) in the context of the healthcare services it will offer? This what it provided, an image with the following text:

Here is the surreal landscape image you requested, depicting a river of flowing musical notes, trees with musical instrument-shaped leaves, a colorful sky with aurora patterns of treble and bass clefs, and a cat playing a piano on a wooden bridge. The background features a mountain range with piano key-like peaks, creating a harmonious and melodious dreamlike setting.

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Hi and welcome to the community!

I had a similar encounter recently and was able to avert this unwanted behavior by adding “do not generate an image” to the instructions.

It helped and now testing for this behavior is on my regular task list, waiting for the day when this extra instruction can be safely removed again

Hope this helps!

More concerning is you have created a GPT that violates policy by offering healthcare services.

You absolutely, 100%, are NOT ALLOWED to do this.

It’s called development. The FDA and HIPAA rules dictate how and when to use these tools. Please focus on addressing the technical bugs.

Feel free to share the chat, so we can see the error and anything that may have led to it, and we can try to debug.

The relevant section is here

Many developers build healthcare application that provide additional information to qualified personal to use as data points.

You are correct that the AI should not be responding directly back to patients without clinically qualified oversite and preferably no direct access at all.


Thank you, this is great.
Is there previous knowledge about this unprompted response? Not only did it provide an image but the text response was random and was not requested. I

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Please share the chat so we can see what happened.

Sharing conversations with images is not yet supported

In my case it happened when I asked the model to summarize the Team and GPT store launch blog posts last week. The model decided an image was needed and added something random to the reply.